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This is our motto: we profit from the efficiency in our  production not from price hike.

At Pars Fanar , the quality of our products and services is paramount in the minds of every single member of our Team.

Our continuous enhancement programs are focused on constantly raising the bar in everything we do. Our focus is to constantly improve upon and increase the value of which we are  providing to our customers.

Our entire production line and machinery has been selected from the latest technology available in the world and has been purchased from Germany , and installed by their experts.

Pars Fanar has the capability to manufacture a variety of parabolic and leaf springs , from 5mm to 50mm in thickness, for all cars, vans, SUVs, buses, wagons, trucks and trailers.

At any given time, we hold an inventory of over 2000 tons in variety of springs; so that we can quarantee directly or through our authorized agents , deliver our customers their orders within 3 business days-at a fixed price- anywhere in the country.

We are proud that we export our quality products to many countries, including Canada, and are able to continue be competitive in price and quality in any market.



Yazd blacksmiths paid a visit to the factory on 20th of September in 2016


Tabriz blacksmiths paid a visit to the factory on 20th of November in 2014


The appreciated ceremony, for twenty of Pars Fanar Retirees and senior workers, was held coincidently with 35th Iranian Revolution Anniversary in presence of the Chairman of the Board, the General Manager, and all Pars Fanar personnel.


All retirees were acknowledged and honored with appreciation plagues and gifts for their many years of contributions to Pars Fanar company.




Fars blacksmiths paid a visit to the factory on 9th of January in 2014



Qazvin blacksmiths paid a visit to the factory on 18th of January in 2013



Khorasan blacksmiths paid a visit to the factory on 30th of September in 2010



The 3th I.R of Iran Solo Exhibition In Herat-Afghanistan